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Originally Posted by TTTOY View Post
Hello Adfielding, unfortunately it happened after making the update.
If I´m taken wrong about "making a scene" I want to excuse.
Since I don´t have these issues with other software, it´s just kind of disappointing and getting a warning right away is sort of spooky.
I guess if you do everything on one computer or laptop it´s easier.
Propellerhead has one of the most lucrative end user license agreements in the industry: you purchase one license, but you can install it on as many machines as you want - just so long as you agree to only use one instant at a time and it is by the original license owner. I understand that you made a mistake by logging in at the same time on two machines, but let's not mince words: accident or not - you violated the terms you agreed to.

It's not like they terminated the agreement on your first accident - you were given a friendly reminder.

Relax man. It's not that big of a deal.

Just don't let it happen again...
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