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Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
WOW! I tried these out and they sound FANTASTIC! Thank you so much, Normen!
Thank you! Happy you like them

You also have to thank the Props and Adam Fielding I guess, these moments where its all just a quest to the sound you have in your head is what makes me love Reason so much and Adam made me look at the Kong synth drums a second time after the initial "meh" reaction I really dig them now, I think I will make more such "styled" drum sets, you support that by (not only positive) feedback

Also the guitar was interesting to do as I normally rely on my Eleven Rack but I wanted to do it in reason 100% this time. Its a nice guitar playground actually, I can do more than I would have thought w/o my default tools I only use the cab of the Line6 module really, rest is Scream and Pulverizer plus some early reflection magic ;-)
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