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Originally Posted by tincture View Post
Just tried them out and I'm impressed. The kit is very good with doubled snare sounding very nice. I'll definitely be trying this behind some of my guitar. The guitar amp is also very good. I think it's some way from the Ratt sound but you've got a very nice tone going there for saying it's only the Scream and Pulveriser providing the distortion. Much better than anything I've come up with. I quite like the tone it has on lift-off/palm mute. Again, I can see me getting some use out of this, thanks for sharing.
Thanks! Yeah, the guitars sound a bit more mid-y on the album but actually I think they already sound a bit "potty" so I left out that 1-2k resonance Also the guys obviously play better than I do but I was quite okay with how far I could get, the combi nicely turns dynamic into expression like a real amp I find
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