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Originally Posted by Freeflight View Post
I have gone through the folders in Orkester Sound Bank (Reason 6.5.1 (build 2 668)) and they are all empty..! To give you an example, I browsed in the Violins (VNS), and used "create instrument", to make sure I saw all instruments. There are several violins in this folder. There are also 9 subfolders named Discofalls VNS, Harmonics Artificial VNS, Harmonics Natural VNS etc., but all these folders are EMPTY...!

So if anybody can explain where the instrument in these folders are, or why they are gone, it would bring you a ton of KUDOS...!!!
Those folders are where the samples used in those instruments you found are kept. That is why you can't find any instruments in there.

If you browse for a sample in NN-19, for example, you will find those folders full of wav files.