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Originally Posted by Mate View Post
Cool remix Ed! I so love the lyrics though!
Thanks George!

Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
You did a heck of a job, Ed. Love the remix to death... seriously exceeded my expectations, my friend. I love how you maintained a lot of the meaning and feel of my lyrics and emotion but totally took it your own way. Just a truly stellar production.

Thank you for doing this! It really was a joy to listen to (again and again!)
Thanks for the opportunity to do it Carl. It was my pleasure! If you ever need someone to bring some Breakbeat or freestyle type of sound, then just say the word.

Originally Posted by UberJimm View Post
Listened a few more times today...... it deserves a bump!

Again, great job, guys. Can't wait to hear what's next. Some of the best synth-pop I've heard in a while on this forum.


Thanks for the bump Jim and for listening. Pacific Deep for the win!!!


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