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Originally Posted by moofi View Post
While sampling and using REX-loops can be a method I prefer finding a way creating those sounds from scratch
Mee too. But the guys at beginning of the 90ies, specially the britsh hardcore ones, were sampling a lot.

Originally Posted by danking1
have a couple of questions if you don't the rebirth only available on iphone/ipad? Sampling is an issue for me as I only have reason 4 at the moment. I think sampling from an input (vinyl etc) is only on the later edition - am i wrong or is there any way or doing this perhaps a source of samples to download somewhere?
You can get rebirth for pc here for free:

You cannot sample directly via input with R4 but you can record stuff with some other application and import those .wav files into nn-19, nn-xt and redrum.
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