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hi there in the props office.
first of all, i am a very happy costumer for more then ...well, many years.
the figure hype is really taking on now on the cloud...good job you done.
like the korgs it is good to spread the word....
my wish, not that it's bad now, it's great, ready to pull straight out of the pocket everywhere, one can become a wizzard in a sec.
bud, how about being able to record tonality?
that would be grand!!
i allready get more then 1 min. out of the 8 beater.... ']
so if i could record tonality i could make it even more interesting (spannender).
i have done it, but without ....!

but up so far, hey guys'n'gals, fantastic work you do for us innocents...


(if you want to listen to a 1 min figure track?)