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Help Midi Mapping Electric Drum Set

Ok, I got some questions about mapping an external drum set (mine is a Roland TD-4).

First of all the set registers pretty random notes on the piano roll (ranging from octave -1 to 3) when different pads are triggered, so the only way i've been able to make it work is to write down the keys triggered and then map it in the NN-XT. It would be really nice to use the Kong or the Redrum to make it a little more simple and intuitive, not to mention Kong's drum designing... Any help on this would be awesome.

Problem #2 -When i hit the bass drum pad sometimes because of the kick back i get a slight double bounce which triggers a light but noticeable hit (obviously). Does anyone know if its possible to negate all midi hits that register below a certain velocity (16 for example)? That would help a lot.


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