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Originally Posted by EnochLight View Post
While I agree with raymondh on some points, the fact that you're looking for silky and nice pads still suggest that Antidote might be a better fit. The oscillators in Antidote seem to perform much "silkier" for pads and in the higher frequency, IMHO, compared to Predator. Still - Predator has over 4000 presets that may compliment a lot of your Albino stuff.
Albino has a trademark sound. The "silk" and "cream" filter styles are quite unique. When I went hunting for an equivalent to my favourite Albino patch "Pad Silk", I haven't yet found an Antidote patch that sounds as similar as some of the Predator patches.

I do agree that Antidote also makes really nice warm, fat pads with great performance in upper registers. It just won't sound like Albino.