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ahh shame I thought I had finally found out why my Reason will not load, yes you are right I am running Reason 5.
My problem is a strange one, firstly I am running reason 5 with pro Tools LE 8.05 on an imac running OSX Lion 10.7.5
I was running Reason 3 then upgraded to 3,5 when I was told 3 will not run on Lion, but then 3.5 also did not run on lion it would either crash totally and give me the spiny beach ball thing or give me the error message about rewire failing to install because of a locked file...I was then told there were driver clashes with 3.5 and pro tools 8 so i bought an upgrade tp reason 5 with exactly the same problem, so when I saw the ting about running in 32 bit I though woo hoo thats what it is, sadly not,
I was then told it was a driver clash with pro tools drivers and to remove the pro tools and then great Reason loaded but of course Pro Tools did not, I then put the driver back into the folder still to find pro tools would not load, so I had to do a complete re install of pro tools 8 then a download and install of 8.05 and phew working again, so I dont know, stuck...and there is no way I am deleting any pro tools drivers again, I need pro tools more than I need reason, the thing is I though pro tools and reason were very happy to work with each other , why oh why do manufacturers keep bloody changing things and stopping things from working, at least make sure it is compatible before you release stuff, so I now have a version of reason 3 and reason 5 both of which will not work, great.