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Originally Posted by xsub View Post
Ok, so I figured it out. After trying virtually EVERYTHING, even running it through Asio4all, as suggested by the Propellerheads tech support email, I tried uninstalling the Intel USB driver from my laptop's cd and the usb2 port started working. So, if you're having problems getting sound from usb2 ports in win7 forget about the "install all the latest drivers for your ps" routine. I did a clean win7 install, downloaded all the drivers from ASUS website, didn't work. Everything that's usb related, leave it out, let Windows handle it. Hope this helps.
That's fantastic news; good to hear you got things sorted. So it was a bad USB driver provided by Intel? Nice. It's amazing that we've finally arrived at a day where Windows can offer a better stock driver for something!
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