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Originally Posted by moperandi View Post
By having ghost parts, when creating the song it is only needed to update one part instead of changing all identical parts, if for example a modification to the bass groove is needed. I can't seem to find any similar way of building arrangements in Reason, without having to change every single identical part in an arrangement. Perhaps I have missed something. Any help would be appreciated!
hi, in Reason you should use pattern based devices for repetitive things, redrum (+ kong) for drums/matrix + something combos for midis, octorex for loops etc. then automatize the Pattern Selector of the given device, I've created a video about the process please check it (the other way is the Block Mode but I like to use it for bigger blocks not for patterns)


ps: AFAIK there in no polyphonic matrix in Reason, if u want such a thing u have to duplicate, use block mode, or Reason through ReWire or ...

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