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Thumbs up Why do YOU use Reason? Share your story here!

Thought it'd be a fun exercise to ask folks here at the propellerhead forum why you choose to use Reason over any other DAW.

For me, I started dabbling in producing beats around 9 years ago but never really took it too seriously (I had no idea what i was doing and I wasn't very good at it lol). Loved Reason over Fruity Loops though just because of the great quality of sounds that came with the program (had to use sound fonts and VSTs with FL). My group released an album and the beats were made exclusively using Reason's FSB and that sounded great.

Started getting serious about making beats again a couple of years ago. Now to be completely honest I dabbled in mostly pirated software. I loved Kontakt, but it was a pain in the ass to load sounds. Whenever I had an idea for a beat I found myself always sketching things out in Reason, then building out the rest by tweaking. The workflow was just too amazing. I found that 80% of my good beats were done with Reason.

But when 6 came out? Wow, I was floored. Finally, the ability to make beats with Reason's workflow AND record my vocals all in one program? Awesome. And 6.5 brought Rack Extensions? That was what pushed me over the edge. I didn't even care about not being able to use VSTs. As much as I loved Kontakt I have everything I need inside the box, and the "constraints" actually helped me to get more creative. I happily paid for my copy of Reason and look forward to many RE purchases in the future

So that's my little tidbit. What's yours?