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Dub Version - Reggae Tune - RasCricket

Here's a Dub version of a tune I produced a few months ago. It's a cover version of a song by Reggae artist Horace Andy. It's not for sale or anything, but it was nice to be commended by the man himself on the effort.

Here's the Dub cut:

And if you'd like to check out the version without all the gratuitous effects, though I've posted it before here, you can listen here:

This was done in Reason = Well.......all the tracks were playing in was wired into Reaper via ReaRoute....not I could use a few VST effects that are my fav's. Namely, Nomad plug "Echoes" and GSi's "Type 4 Spring Reverb" as well as GSi's GS-201 Space Echo plug in.

So....this is Reason ReaRouted into Reaper. All effects and mutes done in one pass. Hope you like it

*I could and should make a video of this session showing how Reason can be ReaRouted into Reaper to use VST effects......
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