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improvements wish list

Here is my wishlist of improvements for reason devices that will be great to see in the future.

* Combinator:

The combinator is the best utility device that i have ever seen, there is no limitation on what you can do with it, right?
But wait, there is one, maybe 4..

There is only 4 knobs and 4 buttons to control an unknow and unlimited number of combined devices, and since "Power is nothing without control"..

Please, please, add more rotary knobs, or different version of combinators to choose from 4 to 8 or why not 12 Rotary? 12 may seems too much, but believe me, i think i will use them all.

* NN-XT:

Would be nice to be able to automate knobs/sliders of the remote editor panel like lfo, amp env, sample and sampleloop start/end point, playmode, and so on.

* NN19:

Due to the lack of automation controls previously explained from the NN-XT , the NN19 is still my preferred device if i have to create a timestretch effect or a synth based on a custom waveform.
It only need a knob for set the sample end point and a more precise sample start point knob.

* Malstrom:

Just need an option to load custom waveforms and this synth will be my best friend.

This is it for now, i may update this thread later with more ideas.

Thanks for your time

Andrea. <---- grab here my free Reason Refill