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absolutly the most important suggestions ever made!

10.Microcombiner, a combinator for inside a combinator without macros for a better overview!

9.Matrix Pattern Sequencer should have a switch to make it MIDI retriggerable inside a Combinator

8.One more click on a MIDI note should delete it and a click on the scroll wheel should open a quick tool bar below the mouse!

7.a Realtime buffer scratching tool for affecting pitch, direction and speed! EQ with realtime spectrum display and a graphical editable breakpoints

5.retriggable multibreakpoint envelope

4.syncable sample trigger offset inside the samplers

3.DC offset inside Scream4

2.If I automate a combinator or mixchannel macro knob and have renamed it, the name should also appear as name on the sequencer automation track.

1.Multitrack layered MIDI editing to compose more efficiently!