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Radical Effects Series

I think the radical series is really awesome, especially for those who do not have older refills (e.g., Reason Pianos Refill).

How about a Radical Effects Series?

Radical Compression—model several different types of vintage and modern compressors (think of the Props did for the Abbey Roads Refill instruments) into one unit that can blend together characteristics just like Radical Piano and Radical Keys. I thinking FET, VCA, Opto, ClassAR/AU, mixing solid state and tube tones to do things you couldn't do with a single unit. The result would be an effect unique to Reason. Maybe that's the new MClass compressor?

Here are some other ideas:

Radical Reverb—blend characteristics from different reverb types.
Radical EQ and Preamp—blend characteristics from vintage and modern EQs and preamps.
Radical Console—blend characteristics from a selection of vintage and modern consoles. Use the EQ from one console type and pair it with compression from another console type.

I'd just like to see Props do for studio effects what they've already done for sampled and synthesized instruments.

PS—I'm really impressed with how Props listens to the community. I gives me a lot of confidence to make suggestions.