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Hey guys my concern is the audio quality after exporting a song out of Reason 5. My exported songs sound muddy. In the program they sound great. I'm not sure if its because the levels on certain instruments are peaking or not. I've tried adjusting everything to where nothing is peaking but then it sounds very "weak". It seems lowering the volume level dramatically reduces the punch or power of an instrument leaving me very unsatisfied. I guess my main question is there a happy medium? Or am I doing something wrong or missing something entirely?

Just had similar problem so for all that may expirience such thing one of reasons :
I've also noticed that after exporting my "mix" sounds weird , muddy , too much bass and basically not the same Reason produce on the go. I went through most of this thread but not whole lot so apologies if I'm doubling already given answer.
I have checked my audio input in Reason and the difference here was quite the same when swapping from ASIO 4all to Direct Sound. I have got how to say... shitty on-board Realtek card for now so after tweaking almost everything in export and ASIO options , went deeper to realtek options. Imagine that such simple thing as MAXX AUDIO3 SYSTEM (using Dell XPS) was causing the problem by boosting sound especially bass frequencies. Switched everything off to no extra effects and viola. Export sounds the same now.

Even though the thread is old I've decided to post it here cause that may help someone with recent problem like mine.


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