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Originally Posted by Ricey74 View Post
How do I improve my bottom end?
Climb lots of stairs?

(Oh come on now... everyone was so busy gushing/griping about Reason7 that it left me a prime opportunity to hit this one. )

But seriously... as counter-intuitive as it sounds at first, one thing that can help a great deal is actually to REMOVE some of the low-end from the sounds. Especially the super duper low stuff like below 30hz, maybe even below 50hz. What can happen is a lot of sounds produce energy down there but we don't really hear it consciously, so we think it doesn't matter. But it all adds up and turns into "mud". So rolling off the super lows can make a dramatic difference in the mix, though you might not notice it so much on an individual track.

Also I got some good advice in this form about rolling off some frequencies in like the 250 to 500hz range in one of my recent mixes, and it made a huge difference in clarity and punch but didn't lose any of the "oomph". If you know what I mean.

EQing/mixing is definitely an art and it's something that takes years of critical listening to become natural and instinctive. Can't say I'm really there despite being a musician almost my entire life (nearly 40 years) but I didn't really focus on it as a priority. It's important stuff to develop in yourself!
I've decided to get serious about my music again at last.
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