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Originally Posted by JpPropellaed View Post
Vengeance Sample packs , for Cluby Stuff ' Huge Sounds , Any Pack ! Bottom end is a funny old beast & never easy on any track , but there is always a SWEET-Spot , its finding it that matters ! You are probably hearing whats know as Phazing in your bottom-end , always makes the track sound muddy & steals the Punch of both Kick & Bass. Carefull eQing & Layering is the Key ,,,, Here's a HUGE TIP ,,,, TRY TO GET EVERY INSTRUMENT IN YOUR TRACK SOUNDING LIKE ITS ALMOST EQ'D JUST BY GETTING THE LEVELS [RIGHT] THEN ADD SOME EQ ' FOR SOME MORE MAGIC !
That sweet spot takes some getting to. Ill try out some of the Vengeance sample packs. I have done what I can with the levels as you suggested, but as soon as I start to muck with the EQ the sound goes all over the place. I suppose its because i don't really understand what each EQ knob does! I suppose its patience, practice and plenty of googleing! Thanks for your reply.