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Any chance to run Reason 7 on Win XP SP3

Yesterday i read about Reason 7 and that it will have Midi Out, i was really happy to read this and i thought to myself, yes they did it and now i wanna buy it, great that's what i waiting for.

But than i read the FAQ.

Q: Any changes in system requirements?
A: Yes! We now require Windows 7 or later, or Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

No more Win XP SP3.

I'm pretty sure that i'm not the only one who still works with XP. Is there any chance that Reason 7 will run properly on a XP based computer?

I don't wanna use Win 7 or 8 in the studio at this time, maybe later but not now. My computer still have enough power and the whole system works perfect, the reason 6.5 demo runs also perfect on it.