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Come on Avid!

So, after reading here that Reason is not professional I thought I should upgrade to something professional then. So I sold all my Reason software and bought a ProTools 10 AAX system and some VST plugins for 20.000€

Its the total ripoff!

- No free routing. You can actually only send a channel to a bus and if you're lucky you're allowed to use a sidechain with your plugin. Great eh? Come on! This is 2013 even an analog mixing desk had more routing options!!
- Dongles wtf? I have like 4 dongles connected to my computer now.
- No VST?? What the heck, I have to use a wrapper to use the industry standard VST??
- VSTs cannot run on the DSP hardware?? I mean what did I buy all these plugins and the expensive DSP boxes for?
- Can you guys decide on a preset format? I have like 8 different preset formats now -.-
- MacOSX 10.6???!?!?!! Do you really expect me to downgrade to an OS from three years ago? Come on Avid!!
- No support for my MIDI remote? I mean WTH, only HUI support? Are you kidding me? The controller revolution was like 1998
- What is this supposed to be? A MIDI sequencer? LMAO!
- DSP hardware overloads.. I thought these super-expensive DSP boxes run like thousands of plugins..?? I get like a maximum of 2x the plugins I can use on my CPU, for some plugins theres almost no difference in instance count.. This is a ripoff! Are these boxes actually doing anything???

I could go on and on but if Avid doesn't manage to address these BASIC things then I will not spend 20.000€ on them again! Nuff said!

P.S. Obviously this is a parody of similar posts aimed at Reason

P.P.S. If you think I impersonate you personally, I do not
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