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Post 6.5 upgrade to reason 7

- "Anybody who purchases Reason or a Reason Upgrade from an authorized dealer after March 1st qualifies for a free upgrade to version 7 of Reason."

Got my 6.5 about 1.5 months ago (or even later... do not recall exactly).

I was curious about what will happen to people, who got 6.5 from the start... would they get free upgrade? I see now, that the answer is NO (for now).

Dear Props, you really should give this ability for those who got 6.5 version right away even before March the 1st.

I believe the tool is fine, I also believe programmers must eat, so software needs to be rewarded, but it happens that a big part of immediate v6.5 users pay more for the usage period than the immediate v6 or v7 users, which is NOT FAIR.

I hope that you understand that.

Best regards.

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