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Smile Midi note mute & dragable time stretch in 7.0?

The two most glaring missing items I can see in Reason are both in the sequencer.
We need to be able to mute individual midi notes. It's just so incredibly frustrating only being able to mute whole clips. (I am actually considering sequencing in another DAW if this problem is not addressed in 7.0)
Also, for those of us who aren't that good at maths and don't want to have to get a calculator out every time they attempt a time stretch - how about bringing in a dragable time stretch - just like Cubase or Protools has? Personlly I just want to be able to grab the edge of a clip with the cursor and drag it to the appropriate length.
I know there is a new time stretch coming in the new version, but if you have to do the calcs like you have to in recycle - forget it.

Am I asking too much?