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Multi License


I have a desktop studio, and a laptop I like to use with reason for quick less serious projects. However, it's such a pain having to account for the small USB license key I have to fondle everywhere I go and every other week misplace. Today, I discovered there was the option to run "multi-licensing" for studios with multiple licenses on a LAN.

I followed the instructions on how to turn on the service, and the option to run on a multi-license server showed up for me on my Laptop connected to the same LAN.
However, when I try to click the option, I get notified that my "Reason License Exceeded" and there are no "Multi License seats left".

So even though this is a personal license key, can I still set it up to be used over my LAN? I have reason closed on my desktop when I'm not using it, so there should be "1" spot available on the network for my laptop to use right?