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Originally Posted by zouki View Post
Steinberg Cubase 7 does not support winXP either... but!

It works on winXP AFAIK...
Yes thats right, officially afaik since Cubase 6 no longer XP support but it works on XP without problems, i know a few producers who working with Cubase 6 or 7 at XP SP3, its the same with the current Sonar Version. But the brandnew Live 9, Studio One 2.5, FL Studio 10, Reaper and so on, all still officially XP SP3 compatible.

Hm i doubt that Reason 7 will work on XP but i still hope it will work, i dont know, i will testing the demo when its there and then i will see.

Anyway i still think it is a bit too early from Propellerhead to stop XP support for Reason 7.