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Reason 6.5 + PodHD Pro + A day off = Metal

Between everything going on I just haven't had time to work on music. I finally bit the bullet and bought Propellerheads Reason 6.5. I had been using Reaper for a while now, but I always end up spending more time tweaking than I do writing in reaper. The opposite of how I used to work in Reason 3.0 back in the day with a buddy.

So here is my first 30 second Metal test using Reason.

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Guitar is PodHD Pro using my own custom patch. Bass is Line6 bass amp within reason. Drum samples are G&S Custom Work Drum kit Sample Library 1.0 (FREE and link at bottom) blended with a kick and a snare I processed in reaper from SD2.0 . Large majority of the drum sound is the free library. The sounds processed in Reaper were Heavily processed to beef up things like snare crack, and kick punch. Drums were performed on my Midi keyboard/contorler (without Quantizeing).

I could have spent more time on the drum midi and blah blah blah, but as a test I don't think it warranted any more time than I already have given it. I just wanted to share my results with the community since I haven't seen much metal/rock being done with Reason, and I'm kind of surprised with the results I was able to get with minimal effort. Comment if you want.

Link to where I found the Drum Library

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