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Originally Posted by XSTmusic View Post
you can have all the effects to change at given times directly in the hardware. Even directly control some amplifiers.

Don't have to press on a pedal to switch between clean/distortion or so have a delay/reverb/chorus and whatnot change (on/off or anything else.. duration, level, any parameter you can think of).

That's a big plus for me. You can set up your songs and don't have to look back, ready to jam along and only concentrate on the playing. It's like a cruise control of some sort

This was also something we could do IF using Reason's Rack effect devices through audio input (not recording, just audio in->FX->out) if latency was usable, all the FX automation could be dealt by the sequencer while playing your acoustics/voice.

Now this became possible also with automating hardware, through MIDI.

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