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It would seem you would like an acedemic argument. I to was raised on jazz but not limited to it. I love Rock, Fusion, "Classical" and any thing that is "heavy" and melodic.
My brother is a Professor of jazz at a university in the U.S. and when a new prospective student is interviewed my brother asks the question what instrument do they play. He says the reply on average is that they play "Pro-Tools". We both laugh. But this may be indicative of where we are headed in the composition approach.
Reason has been, I my humble opinion been, the domain of Dub Step, House, Trance, Rap and all other types of club style music. So one has to understand this type of music will be predominant here. I submit everything that I write here because I appreciate the input from a Recording/Mastering/Mixing set of skilled people. I am not sure they like my style of music but they almost always offer a suggestion for my pruduction growth.
Music is certainly subjective and I would love to hear your contribution here at Propellerhead. Here is a intro of a concerto I am working on. I submitted it here and got quite a few really good compliments. Its four minutes long and for the most part in modulates between a Gmaj and G#maj chords. Let me know what you think.