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AutoSampler alternative in Reason

For those who don't know, Redmatica was a small Italian software shop that made some excellent tools for sampling, initially to extend the capabilities and improve the workflow of Logic's EXS24 sampler.

AutoSampler automated the process of sampling (software or hardware) MIDI instruments and turning the samples into multisampler patches, complete with optimized loop points, velocity layers, and round robin layers. NNXT is available as an output format in AutoSampler. I use it to not only document my favorite custom patches on my hardware synths but also to turn my monosynths into polys, and it works great.

Last year, Apple bought Redmatica and ended sales/support for its products, including AutoSampler.

Rumor has it that AutoSampler doesn't work on Mountain Lion, so it's a magnificent example of abandonware at the top of its game, in the grand tradition of Opcode Studio Vision and TextMate.

Now that Reason is adding MIDI out (and has previously added audio in and sampling), the basic framework is in place for a built-in automated NN-19 and NNXT MIDI multisample patch builder (feel free to come up with a better name). I'd love to see that as a feature in the next Reason iteration after 7.