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I listen to anything I like. On my phone I have rap, rock, funk, DNB, dubstep etc etc. I love it all. Dance music is reptative (is that spelt right?!) so that people can dance to it. Think back to tribal music that you have heard and it is a beat repeated over and over. As already started reason started as a very dance orientated bit of software, I think that was what most people using it started on, I know I did. I still do. Plus in dance music small variation is the key. A little break in the drums has a big impact when your in a club dancing to some heavy DnB. Also I do think, even in real music (as in rock, pop etc etc) the audience need things dumbed down for them. Modem music audiences need some thing they can remeber easily. I read that, as an example, on call by Kings of Leon was made to appeal to the American audience as it was very simple and catcty. And it worked, it became a huge hit for them in the USA. Me, I don't care if the song changes every 4 bars 8 bars or every 32 bars, as long as it sounds good.