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@ DavidA - Thanks for taking the time to listen and thanks for the kind words.

@ Wyggy. Sure, say what you want to say. I'm calling you on it because I don't know that you are looking to expand debates. I saw at least one of your other posts and you said not to respond to it; it was a thinly veiled set of snide remarks about the music that comes up on this forum. And you're doing it again in this post. Again, fine. But what do you want us to do with these remarks? They represent your personal preference as a personal preference. Fine. But seeing as you give little by way of argument to see it from your point of view, how are we supposed to debate with you? Rhetorically you asked if people are attempting to mimic the monotonous sounds of everyday life. If you want a debate, make this into a fully fledged argument. It's an old argument and there's lots to be said on either side. Although I'd point out that there are plenty of examples of artmusic in the 20th century which stand as counter-examples to the point as you've made it.

You recommended someone making hip hop to listen to Stravinsky when they were looking for advice on their track. can I make my pop track better?
listen to one of the greatest composers of all time.

I mean, really? If this is trying to help rather than being superior, I don't know how.

I'm not trying to police anything - do your thing, obviously. But if you're really after opening up different kinds of debates here I recommend that you actually lay out a position that can be debated with.
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