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At the moment I'm finishing up a dude's first solo album. This is his soundcloud: (That's a track off the album on that page as well.) There's a lot of variety on this album, so that one song will not sum up the vibe.

The second big project is finishing up a single and halfway finished shooting a music video for a guy Zach B, with a Jamaican gyal Jody singing on it. I will be making an entire album with her next. 100% Reggae/Dancehall/Caribbean riddims. BIG GUN SOUND.

My next solo album will be DnB, about 11 tracks in the works still. On the side of that, I'm recording a Comedy/Satire/RAP artist's second album in which I'm making all of the beats for it..

If I can suggest something simple to keep you going, I'll try this: Discipline yourself however you have to. Actually setup a schedule for yourself if needed. I hate/almost never scheduling any of my own personal projects, and usually go off feel & impulse, but some others like to plan ahead, like buying tickets to an event and feeling obligated to go.

I have more projects on my back-burner than I can handle, but it's because I don't have the music studio setup for it. Someday I'll start clearing the old ideas out which you might consider to become "heavy". Just don't release a lot (or any) unfinished stuff and you'll be a lot happier when you do release something. It'll be finished, and that's all that you need to know.

Then it's a rinse & repeat, move on and continue with your life without stressing over your old production quality. You'll look back and still appreciate what you've done. I'm 5 albums in and I still look back at my amateur productions with laughter, but I still know I loved the music I made at the time because that's what I felt like making.

Production quality comes in time.