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For me I kinda have to power through a new idea to something I consider "completion", or I won't come back to it. That's tough because pretty much any time I call up any patch of any kind, I can come up with an idea for a song. But even if I jot that idea down in a new file just to capture it, odds are I won't go back and revisit it later. I have to get sucked into "the moment" of a song and see it through almost non-stop.

Recently I've decided to go through and really organize my Refills/Sound libraries collection. I'm happy with the direction it's taking, but as I audition each refill to get a sense of what's in it, I'm coming up with a zillion little ideas. Blessing and curse rolled into one! LOL
I've decided to get serious about my music again at last.
So go ahead... ask me how my new album is coming!


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