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Lightbulb REASON 8 wish list!

.) Pls bring back the liner tool. I miss it allthough i use the Tool Window.
.) IF possible add "freeze".
.) Be fair and flexible, each RE synth it's own patch converter, don't make PX7 an exception.
.) More "selectable" types for the Reason browser.
.) Allthough very well redesigned Audio/Mixer-Channel but i would love to add a spacer between devices in the rack.
.) It wouldn't hurt to have more colors for the channels.
.) Pls add more CV inputs to the Combinator, at least 4 to get 8.
.) 8 buttons and 8 knobs for the Combinator and a 2nd Mod Wheel would be nice.
.) Pls support Jack Audio
.) Allow us to design the knobs & Rotaries of the Combinator.
.) TB 303, TB 606 & 808 inside the Rack would make sense.
.) Why do we need to buy Nektar Keyboards in order to get Remote support for every Rack Extension ?
.) Pls allows us to import samples in Malstrom.
.) A synth with image synthesis would be very cool.
.) And what about Radical Guitars ?
.) Last but not least a Convolution Verb.
.) More editing features for samples
.) More flexiblity in record mode
.) Live Sampling for Malstrom