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Firstly, aside from all of the great new features, Reason 7 will come with a free RE. Secondly, I have a hard time understanding why folks think an upgrade is only justified by a couple new instruments and effects. This is much bigger than that! And it sounds like we'll be getting a new effect.

But we can also be surprised by new Propellerhead instruments and effects on a regular basis (as in not waiting for an upgrade).

Reason 6 (speaking of 6.0-6.5.3) has brought us 9 Reason devices. Three of those came free with Reason 6. Another came free if you purchased 6 during the window (free upgrade for 6.5 users). And the other 5 could be purchased individually by the customers (including the one if ya missed it). I think that's a pretty sweet new deal.

Upgrade the Software if you want new features on the backend (plus RE freebies). Purchase new devices if you just want new devices. Ya know?

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