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Originally Posted by efx0001 View Post
I love Reason but the Propellerhead company is turning to be ship and give you less for your money. Now with the Shop and Rack extension they will squeeze your pocket giving you a little taste in the upgrade with less instruments and effects and preferring sale the best in the propellerhead shop. I buy reason 6.0 and upgrade to reason 6.5 that just was for the (Rack extension upgrade ) and now the upgrade to 7 offering midi out and other small Features when other daws have some of that Features for years. When they introduce the Rack extension they got you there because you never are going to see again great instruments or effect like Thor, RV700 or Kong in the upgrade, a least if you buy it in the shop. Propellerhead are offering less for your money when the competition have better options and they are more open to the people for example Ableton Live, I never use it but I am considering to change to Ableton Live because they are giving more for your money than propellerheads. I think Propellerheads suppose to include some of the latest rack extension in the new upgrade like Rotor, Radical Keys or PX7 FM Synthesizer and be fair with the Reason user delivering more for the money. I hope that I am wrong but turning ship and arrogant with a product is nothing good and maybe can hurt the company in a short or long term, how is the competition and the economy on this time is better keep people in your side.
You made a good point here. With the advent of REs does it mean core Reason (without REs) will never expand to include new instruments and effects? That will be real bad. I wish Reason will grow to have the editing capabilities of DAWs like Cubase and Nuendo. These should be built into Reason, not developed and sold to us as RE devices.
By the way REs are the only ones shaking Reason's stability.
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