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Midi-out for daw's

It would be great if ph supported vst, but they deveopled rack extension so I don't see it happening for now. RE is perfect for reason but their are many of us who still want to use our vsti in reason, the best option is to:

1. Make midi-out work for daws (if it's not already possible in R7)

2. When reason is in rewire mode we should be able to sequence midi from other daws into reason's sequncer via the new midi-out feature

3. If you use rewire and sequence in reason and logic ect., the grooves will not match because they do not have the same templates unless you use the basics. I rather do a complete project in reason and have the abilty to use regroove on my entire song if desired. And this would be possible with midi-out for dawsb(this would make reason work like a rewire master in a sense)

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