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Actually, to be effective and precise, we should divide the list in two groups: the DAW features and the RACK EXTENSION features.
The platform (REASON 7) is growing costantly and gaining important slices of market every year more, so actually that's not the main topic, and i believe the Props are doing their job pretty well.
Most of the improvements we ask now i think they depend much more on the work of the Rack Extension developers, and Propellerhead is just one among hundreds.
A part from AUDIO and MIDI advanced editing tools, the other DAWs in the market are totally "Plugins Addicted" (guess what would happen without WAVES, UAD, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS,LEXICON, SPECTRASONIC and Co.....). From this point of view REASON is the most powerfull software EVER. It just needs some (not many) smart REs to become the centre of music production.