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Simple solution to downloading problems


Downloading large sized REs is a problem for me and others too. If you can understand the implications here - it is hindering the progress of sales.

Re-Tron is a good example, I along with at least a few others that I know of weren't able to trial the device, our trials expired before we could successfully download the device, so we are hardly going to purchase it if we can't download it to begin with.

Some of us have slow internet connections and slow downloads go hand in hand with that, but it's the fact that the downloads fail at a random point, time out if you wish. I guess one option would be to constantly restart the download process, given the fact that the download could fail anywhere between 0 and 10 hours for example makes this quite a tedious, if not impossible process.

What is needed here is a download system that allows us to resume a download from the point the previous download failed, pick up where it left off, that would eliminate the problem imho.
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