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Reason 7 Wishes and Demands


I have been using your software since Reason 4 (on both platforms but primarily on Windows) and have greatly enjoyed using it. I think Reason offers a lot of things other software does not. HOWEVER. It is evident that there is a lack of concern about the quality of this software on Windows when it is compared to its performance on Mac OS.
I will applaud you on all the wonderful additions to Reason over the years, and I will admit that some are a bit over my head. You people are creative and smart and are very good at coming up with very technical additions to this incredible software. But small things are often overlooked.
There are a few little things that are EXTREMELY frustrating that I thought would be fixed or added in 6.5 and other updates but were not. Fixing these little things will make a MASSIVE impact on the user’s Reason experience and workflow:

- A FOLLOW BUTTON: In addition to the follow command by pressing 'F', there should be a 'Follow' button next to the Loop button on the Transport. The space is there; PLEASE fill it with a useful ‘Follow’ button. That way if you want to toggle between follow and unfollow, you don’t have to exit out of the computer keys. Also, making it visible will be helpful when arranging clips during playback and toggling back and forth in edit mode. This is such a basic but important addition.

- On the Kong: when holding the mouse over the Select, Browse, Save, and Sample buttons for the individual drums (not the kit), when tool tips are on, the tool tips cover up the name of the patch. This is VERY annoying when scrolling through patches. Kong is the only Rack device that has this issue of covered up information directly related to the buttons, since these four buttons are above the drum patch name. Every other Reason Rack device has these buttons to the side of the patch name. Put the tool tip ABOVE the cursor where it won't cover up anything, allowing flawless sample scrolling. (I'm not sure how the tool tips are coded but a simple 'if' statement might make the difference)

- In the sequencer, automated combinator rotary names should be displayed as they are on the combinator itself, rather than permanently labeled rotary 1, rotary 2, etc. If the name is changed on the combinator, it should change in the sequencer. This can get confusing when editing automations.

- If you click on the Kong or Redrum, and then click edit on the toolbar, it covers up the rest of the Reason toolbar AND the Windows taskbar. This is EXTREMELY annoying. You put scroll arrows there for a reason. Let them be used by not stretching the edit pane from the top to the bottom of the screen.

- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put the Preferences in the Options. PREFERENCES ARE OPTIONS! And in situations like the one stated above^ it is annoying to have to scroll to the bottom to get to the preferences. That means it takes 4 extra clicks to get to the preferences. The number of options in 'Options' stays the same, whereas the number of options in 'Edit' fluctuates, so it is illogical to put something as highly used as the preferences at the bottom of 'Edit'. AT LEAST put it closer to the top. On a Mac it is in a logical location that doesn’t change (the apple). Why can’t it be reasonable for both versions?

- Often times, when working on a laptop without an external monitor, the many windows sometimes make things cluttered. Is it too much to ask for a smaller computer keyboard window? There is a ton of extra space that is unneeded. Everything can stay the same size, just simply compact it into a smaller window. There really isn’t a good place for this window while working on one screen. It might be a cool idea to make it an option to put the computer keyboard in the Transport on one of the empty sides.

- MORE COLORS: Please add more colors to the color wheel. This is a common complaint among reason users. I mean, it’s the year 2013 here people. There are more than 16 colors in this world and I often have more than 16 tracks which I want to be assigned different colors. And why do you have 5 shades of blue and green but only one shade of red? My mother is an artist and when I told her this she was in disbelief. Throw some maroon or pink or even brown in there or hell, the entire spectrum. You guys are creative, figure it out. Something as simple as adding more colors options would make this already colorful software more REASONable.

-There needs to be a “recent folder” in the browser next to “recent patches”. “Recent patches” is usually NEVER helpful. You might want to consider using locations instead of patches. For example, if someone is searching for patches (which are usually in folders…) and they select a patch for one of the Kong triggers, they don’t have to go searching for that folder to find the next patch which is in the same folder.

-You need to be able to determine the note speed of the regroove channels. Or I need to figure out how.

-When dubbing midi tracks, have the dub lane inserted UNDER the previously existing lane. This should be a no brainer. When you build a song, the new instruments and tracks go beneath existing instruments and tracks. It should be the same for midi dub lanes.

Other Little Things

- Create key commands for rewinding and fast forwarding (ctrl<, ctrl>, etc.) instead if 4 and 6 on a number pad. Not everyone has a number pad.
- Move Blocks next to the ReGroove Mixer (this would add to the aesthetic by centering the Stop, Play, and Record buttons)
- Label the ReGroove Mixer.
- Oh and that follow button I mentioned earlier.

When making the next update or version of Reason, please take these suggestions into consideration. I am not an expert, nor an audio engineer, but I am an engineer who has a problem solving mind. I believe these are valid points that would greatly improve the work flow and usability of this already amazing software.