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All Your Bass (Are Belong To Us)

Just been having fun writing some chitpune! Well, it's kinda chipune…

The first part is all 8-bit sounds that I emulated using Subtractor. I wanted to try recreating the sort of music I used to enjoy as a kid during the so-called 'Golden Age' of video games (late 70s-mid 80s): the sounds of ye olde Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, etc.

…then I cheated during the latter part. Couldn't resist, sorry!

It's very repetitive and kinda cheesy. But all done in the interest of nostalgia, of course. 'Least that's my excuse.

All Your Feedback Are Please Belong To Me. That is to say, comments very welcome as always

PS: the title comes from a popular Internet meme... link here for those of you fortunate enough to be less geeky than I am:
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