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Make Rewire go both ways

I use Reason inside Pro Tools. I love Reason 6.5 and the many tools it offers...a LOT. I use Rewire to route audio from Reason back into Pro Tools to either an audio or Aux track for further processing with some of my many PT plug-ins. But there are often times when I want to go the other way - send an audio signal TO Reason to use one of the many great processing features there (ie Alligator). But there's no way to use Rewire to do that. I have to export my audio track as a WAV file from PT and then import to Reason and then add the processing...and then send it back out to PT for my mixing. Pretty cumbersome.

What I don't understand is why Rewire can only go one way? Audio is audio - why can't I just send an audio signal via Rewire to an input on Reason (which you can do with external hardware (ie mics) anyway. I don't get the only 1 way thing.

Can someone explain this to me? I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Rewire be made to go both out and in. Prop-heads - you getting this????