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Originally Posted by DonaldM75 View Post
I use Reason inside Pro Tools. I love Reason 6.5 and the many tools it offers...a LOT. I use Rewire to route audio from Reason back into Pro Tools to either an audio or Aux track for further processing with some of my many PT plug-ins. But there are often times when I want to go the other way - send an audio signal TO Reason to use one of the many great processing features there (ie Alligator). But there's no way to use Rewire to do that. I have to export my audio track as a WAV file from PT and then import to Reason and then add the processing...and then send it back out to PT for my mixing. Pretty cumbersome.

What I don't understand is why Rewire can only go one way? Audio is audio - why can't I just send an audio signal via Rewire to an input on Reason (which you can do with external hardware (ie mics) anyway. I don't get the only 1 way thing.

Can someone explain this to me? I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Rewire be made to go both out and in. Prop-heads - you getting this????


I join this choir... Reason as ReWire master would be amazing. Maybe we can get it in Reason 7.5 if we do mention this often enough so that it takes PPH's nerves.