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Originally Posted by guinnessfee View Post
I also want to upgrade my computer and wondered if Hyperthreading improves merely the use of Reason.

Since the k models are more expensive I decided against it but I want a very fast computer for audio-related tasks.

I read that sometimes Hyperthreading slows down certain processes like games, because one real core also has to compute a virtual one and not every program uses the virtual one efficiently...

If you ensure that Reason will profit from getting the 3770k with activated HT I will probably go for it.
The "k" in the i7 series just means that they can easily be overclocked. If that's not your thing, then you can save a few bucks by getting the non-k version. That said, Reason does utilize Hyperthreading and it helps performance. Games may be hit or miss, but you can always turn Hyperthreading off for those instances if needed anyway.
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