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Originally Posted by EnochLight View Post
Strange. I also have the Sabertooth Z77 and I'm using the LAN NIC by Intel. Have the latest AI Suite installed; no issues on my end. Rock solid and lightening fast.

Did you download the latest drivers for the Z77 from Asus' website? What OS are you on?
Windows 7 64 bit OS
ya I've downloaded all the latest drivers. Even went to intel site to try drivers for the LAN. It's weird because I can speedtest and it shows I'm getting what I'm paying for DSL connection download and upload. But when I go to start downloading it's as if it throttles back. I've been reading of others also having this issue with the ASUS z77 sabertooth.

It's weird. I actually had to use my laptop with Utorrent setup to download the Reason 6.5.3 file. I still can't figure it out unless it's a hardware problem. But it's strange when doing a speed test it is showing correctly.

It would just start downloading then get halfway and just stop. I've tried everything. may just have to get a LAN card and try it.

Enoch what LAN Drivers are you using? did you install them from ASUS website or Intel? and what version are you using? There is the lastest driver I think from ASUS 17.3 or something, but it says you must install NVM update utility before installing, but I can't figure out how to do it from command prompt. It doesn't make sense to me.

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