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Originally Posted by Bonkhead View Post
Today I installed my new hand build system, with i7 3770 cpu.

It's the one without th "K" , because I'm not an overclocker anymore (don't need the unlocked multiplier) and it was 36 euro's cheaper than the "K" version. So I put that 36 euro's on my SSD budget and got a super fast Samsung 128 GB SSD to run windows 7. It starts up in just 10 seconds ... amazing

I just tried all demosongs at lowest latency and I'm not even above one dsp bar.
Tomorow gonna load my heaviest projects my Q6600 quadcore could hardly handle, see how this i7 holds up
Proceed now to the "stress test" thread in the user forum, sir!
This new computer I have gets through it without blinking for comparison, check my first post in that thread. It was pitiful.