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Originally Posted by vanKloot View Post
I agree, though I'd also say that there are some fairly significant things you can do in Reason that you can't do in other apps, like all the CV routing & control. But the "fun factor" is absolutely valid and important and valuable. "Faster" is debatable, as much of that comes from how the particular person uses the software.
Very true. I also use Reaper and find it difficult to manage, but others can get things done in Reaper within seconds. I still find myself coming back to Reason because of the fun-factor. Faster is all a matter of preference, I would agree.

Originally Posted by vanKloot View Post
Anyway, I'm also looking forward to R7, and just to continuing to make music in Reason in general. Frankly I'd be fine if it was still at 6.5, though definitely some of the new 7 features will expand my horizons.
Heheh - yeah 6.5 has been worth the investment. I've been very happy with it, but admittedly - the features that 7.0 will bring will make it difficult for me to go back to 6.5! The anticipation has taken me out of my gear acquisition syndrome (*blush*)...

...although I suppose if you count version 7 as just another piece of gear, I'm not cured yet!
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