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Originally Posted by guinnessfee View Post
Will I get better performance when overclocking? Or is RAM more important?
Yes you get better performance when overclocking - that's the whole point behind it! That said, it's not for the faint of heart. I'd suggest you read up on the process at various tech based forums such as HardOCP and Anandtech (there are many other communities, these are just the two that pop into my mind). RAM can be left at stock speeds but of course will run faster if you overclock it. I'd be careful with RAM, though - clock and cas speeds tend to be a bit more finicky when overclocking.

The idea is to squeeze extra performance out of your CPU and/or RAM without having to spend the money to buy a faster clocked component. That said, there is a sweet spot that you must find between buying the components to overclock (which tend to be slightly more expensive than their non-overclocked counterparts) and balancing the cost compared to just buying a faster component and running it at stock speeds.
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