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Even if the upgrades to R7 generate 7 figures for the Props, I have no way to know what their overhead is. Software development is EXPENSIVE and they could very easily have between $100k and $300k/month in overhead. Or more. In which case upgrades would buy them a few more months of operation. Maybe a year. The math stated is just imaginary numbers since none of us directly have any idea of either their revenue or expenses. I can only speak from my own experience that software development is not cheap. My tiny little company has a 6-figure annual overhead and I run it from a bedroom in my house with zero full time employees. I can only imagine what it would cost if I had office space, and 10 or 15 full time staff.

I agree that the Props have missed out on some seemingly massive opportunities. Audio support should've come years earlier, same with MIDI Out and Rewire Master "should" have been in R7. But, I also believe that their shift away from making instruments and effects as a primary focus (because of the RE developer movement) will allow them to focus on such things, and I think we'll see a lot more of that "core" stuff coming.

If I was unwilling to wait then fine, there are many other options available and I could choose any of them that I like. But the fact is I don't like any of them... I just don't enjoy spending my time in Ableton, or Logic, or Reaper, or any of the rest. I *enjoy* working in Reason. As I mentioned elsewhere it's almost more like playing a video game than working. It's just plain fun to spend my time in.

However, I am not currently making my living with music or audio so that is certainly an influencer in my happiness with Reason. If it's not what you need, just go get something else. I don't see the point in continuing to rant here in this thread about how bad the Props are at this or that or how poorly they've handled X or how they should have done Y. You don't even want to be a user any more, and you can't possibly think that "having your say" while you are still technically a registered owner, helps anyone. If you just want people to pat you on the back and agree with you, well then OK I get that. I just don't personally see the point. *shrug*

Use Reason. Use Ableton. Use ProTools. Use Reaper. Use a damn kazoo. None of that really matters. What does matter is what you create with the tools you choose.
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